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I’ve been a licensed amateur radio operator since May 1991.   I became interested in ham radio after a few years of listening to a 2m repeater in California.  My roommate at the time regularly listened to a weekly net and after a while we knew the hams quite well and thought it would great if we could talk to them.  Of course we didn’t really know what we had to do to be licensed but when they announced that they were having a social event at a local park we decided to pay a visit.  After speaking to several hams I was motivated to get my license.  They explained what I needed to do and shortly after I moved back to Wisconsin I studied for the test and got my license.

First Radio and QSO

My first radio was a Kenwood TH-27A with a Quantum Ham Battery adapter.    My first QSO was with N9LLT on the Ozaukee Radio Club’s repeater (146.97).  While this radio no longer works, I definitely got my money’s worth.

Packet Radio and Autopatch

After hearing about packet radio shortly after getting my license I jumped on the bandwagon and setup my full-time station.  I dedicated an Alinco DR-1200T (2m data radio) with a MFJ-1270B TNC. The ability to send and receive messages pre Internet was definitely a great time to be a ham.  Another interest I had was the ability to use the club’s repeater Autopatch system.   Pre cellphone days, the Autopatch was heavily used but provided an easy means of communication when needed.

Home Station

I’m currently using an Icom ID-5100 dual-band mobile rig for my primary base station.  The antenna I’m using is a tri-band Comet vertical (CX-333).  I also have a Drake UV-3 (no longer working) that I used for 220 MHz.

XYL Gets Licensed

My wife (KC9BTF) received her license in May 2002.

Current Status

After a break from the hobby the past few years I have recently renewed my interest in the hobby.  I upgraded to a Extra class license March 2012.  I recently rejoined the Ozaukee Radio Club (ORC) and have been active on the club’s 2m repeater (146.97 127.3 PL).  You can also find me on EchoLink --- usually on the weekends.

Looking Towards the Future

I would like to purchase a D-STAR radio at some point and to get on HF.  Unfortunately the lack of time, family commitments and work have higher priorities at this time.


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